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July 18, 2015

The Promise of Heaven

Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

~ 1 Thess. 5:16-18

I have begun to see and experience pieces of heaven on this earth the push me on, like a boy eyeing the bike he's earnestly saving to purchase. If I am successful in guarding and stoking this flame, this fledgling thirst for heaven, then one day, that for which I long will be mine. And it will be even greater than I can imagine.

Each of us has a thing (or things) to which we look for our security or significance. I call it your Fundamental, and what each of us selects as our Fundamental is of extreme importance. Choose something great, that can never be taken away and will fill you, and you're like a man who builds his foundation on a rock. But choose poorly, or choose something that can be taken away or that is too superficial to actually fill you, and the risk is enormous.

Know that in heaven rests a Fundamental so big it will wholly fill us, and it is so fine that it cannot disappoint, and is guaranteed that it will never go away. By orienting my days and time toward heaven, I have literally ushered pieces of it into my life here—today. . . .

A greater view of the coming heaven has pushed me toward a higher joy than I've ever known. At my best, I'm freed to serve others, knowing there is greatness and rest coming. It inspires me to move away from my worst self, where I sought new and creative ways to get others to serve me. . . . In shooting for heaven, the world has been thrown in for free. But shoot for the world, and you'll miss both as you focus on yourself.

Lord God, let me make the blessed hope of heaven the frame for all my experience on earth. Amen.

~ Bryant Cornett, from “A Rooster Once Crowed”
This book can be ordered by going to Bryant’s website,
Full Porch Press.

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