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August 11, 2015
Genesis 1:27

Design And Create

“For it was in Him that all things were created, in heaven and on earth, things seen and things unseen...all things were created and exist through Him.”

~Colossians 1:16

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn was an acclaimed painter in the Netherlands and he is considered the greatest of the “Dutch Masters”. According to website conservapedia.com, Rembrandt “considered himself a religious painter, but he is most famous for his portraits.”. Often his paintings would appear unfinished, but when ask about it, he stated: “a drawing is finished when the artist has fulfilled his intentions.”.

Millie Stamm wrote a story about the engineer who designed the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. The story went like this: The engineer became ill at the time of the beginning of construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. Each day the engineer's wife would go to the construction site, taking along the blueprint, to check the site to make sure it was going according to the drawing. Each night she would go over all “that happened that day with her husband”, and “he would advise and give instructions for the next day.”. By the time the bridge was finished the engineer was some better, and “he could be taken on a cot to see the bridge.”. As he gazed at the completed Brooklyn Bridge, “tears streamed down his cheeks”. The engineer said: “Oh, it is just as I planned it.”. The intention of the engineer was fulfilled.

The first verse in the Bible in the Book of Genesis states that God chose to create the earth and everything in it. Step by step He accomplished His task, and He would see that “it was good”. “Nothing exists that He didn't make (John 1:3)”. He is the ultimate creator and artist. When He was finished everything was just as He had planned for it to be. He had fulfilled His intentions.

Do you like to create? Did you ever contemplate the reason that you may have your inner artistic desire is because God created people in His own image? Genesis 1:27 states: “God created people in His own image”, and He “patterned them after himself”. He instilled within you the desire to be creative, to accompany His beauty in the world.

God's community of believers are artists. They ought to allow the Master Artist to bring into being by presenting unique opportunities to become artistic. Whether it is planning meals for your family, planting and arranging flowers, painting a religious scene or portrait, construction of a bridge, or designing and sewing quilts, you can stand back and say, it was just as I planned it, and you can see “it was good”, and pleasing in His sight.

Lord God, thank You for creating the beautiful world and all therein. Help us to share our talents with others to glorify You. Amen.

~ Ann Brock Ludington

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