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December 1, 2015


“He gives (to the earth) snow like (a blanket of) wool; He scatters the hoarfrost like ashes.”

~Psalm 146:16

In the United States the arrival of December commonly means that winter has arrived in all its splendid glory. In many areas winter brings along with it snowflakes, many of them. Snowflakes and/or snow are often used as a representation for winter. There are automobile and truck tires specifically named snow tires.

Snowflakes are often shown as a pictogram for the approaching Christmas season, which may include a scene showing a white Christmas. Oftentimes cards will show snowflakes drifting downward with a horse pulling a sleigh galloping along a snow path to a home pictured in the distance with smoke coming out of the chimney.

Snowflakes are unique and are detailed in their structure. There is a popular expression that “no two are alike”. Heidi Scatterberg stated: “Snowflakes, big as buttons...are falling on my face. Delicate and, oh so white...like grandma's crocheted lace.”. In 1965 the TV special titled, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, Linus sticks out his tongue to catch a snowflake, then he chewed it, and he stated: “Mmmm...needs sugar.”. (wikipedia.com).

Snowflakes are one of many of God's created masterpieces. Helen Steiner Rice wrote a poem about snowflakes titled: “The Mystery and Miracle of His Creative Hand”. “In the beauty of a snowflake...falling softly on the land...Is the mystery and miracle of God's great, creative hand. What better answers are there...to prove His holy being...Than the wonders all around us that are ours just for the seeing?”.

Amazingly the word “snow” is in the Bible and it is often used to describe the color of white. For example, in the Book of Mark, when Jesus was transfigured on the mountain, His clothing was described as: “his raiment became shining, exceeding white as snow...” (KJV). Another example is in the Book of Revelation during John's revelation when he described the head and hair of the “Son of Man”. John stated they were “white like wool, as white as snow.”.

Like the snowflakes and the sparkling snow, God's people are also His masterpieces. Each person is special, and each person is created in God's likeness to reflect His glory. They sparkle and reflect His glory by becoming more patient, kind, and loving towards others, the same as God demonstrates to them.

As you begin to think about the approaching activities of the Christmas season, you will need to bundle up in your warm clothes in order to endure the winter snow. However, be warmed in your heart by God's patience, kindness, and love. When outside your window the snowflakes begin to tumble downward from the sky and blanket the earth, and they give the appearance of “wool”, recall that they were made by “God's creative hand”, that same creative hand that created you.

It could possibly be debatable whether snowflakes “need sugar”. But one thing that is not debatable is that each snowflake is remarkable, just like you!

Lord God, thank You for all of Your creation. Help us to take the time to see Your creative hand during this Christmas season. Amen.

~ Ann Brock Ludington

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