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February 23, 2016


Jesus said: “I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch that doesn't produce fruit, and He prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more.”

~John 15:2

Mrs. Charles E. Cowman in the book titled “Streams In The Desert” (Vol.2), wrote a story about Dr. Vincent. The story went like this: “Dr. Vincent relates an incident while viewing the luscious clusters of grapes hanging on the walls inside a great hothouse. The owner said, when my new gardener came, he said he would have nothing to do with these vines unless he could cut them clear down to the stalk! And he did so, until there was seemingly nothing left! There were no grapes for two years, but this is the result!”

In the southern area of the United States mid-February is the beginning of spring. The trees are budding with flowers and new delicate green leaves. It is also the time to prune the various flowering bushes in your yard so they will produce large beautiful flowers.

Growing roses is a special hobby of my husband, and he has been busy pruning them so they will flourish with lovely roses. In the near future, we will be enjoying fresh roses on the fireplace mantle.

Pruning is necessary in order for bushes and trees to be productive. However pruning is also necessary for God's people.

In the Book of John, Jesus used the analogy of the vine and branches for the pruning example. He stated that He is the vine, and his Heavenly Father is the gardener who holds the pruning knife. Everyone who are the followers of Jesus Christ are the branches, and their purpose is to produce the fruit.

The Heavenly Gardener trims away His people's unproductive branches that are not bearing fruit. God's people do not need to fear the pruning knife. Henry G. Bosch stated: “A skilled physician, who was about to perform a delicate operation on a patient's ear, said reassuringly, 'I may hurt you, but I will not injure you.”. The Heavenly Gardener uses the pruning knife with tender love, and will not injure you. God is trustworthy and loyal. Charles F. Stanley stated: “He trims areas that drain your energy, removes decaying parts, and harvests the fruit so more may grow. It's all for good, even if it's painful for a season.”.

It is necessary to prune the grape vines and the rose bushes so they can bring forth “luscious clusters of grapes” and an abundance of vibrant roses. It is necessary for the Heavenly Gardener to prune His people so their lives will produce good fruit. If you remain in Him, “you will produce much fruit”. Apart from Him “you can do nothing”. Jesus stated: “My true disciples produce much fruit. This brings great glory to my Father.” (John 15:8).

Lord God, thank You for lovingly pruning us so we will produce abundant good fruit so You will be glorified. Amen.

~ Ann Brock Ludington

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