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March 8, 2016

Lift Your Heart And Hands To The Lord

“The LORD is wonderfully good to those who wait for Him and seek Him.”

~Lamentations 3:25

Andrew Murray was born in South Africa in 1828. During his lifetime he became a Christian pastor and writer. During his career as pastor of churches in South Africa, he authored over 240 books.

In 1895, Pastor Murray was in England staying with friends. At that time he was suffering pain from an old back injury. One morning while he was eating breakfast, the hostess mentioned to him that a lady who was down stairs was suffering and wanted to know if he could possibly give to her any words of advice. Pastor Murray handed her a piece of paper in which he had been writing. He said: “Just give her this advice (that) I'm writing down for myself. It may be that she'll find it helpful.”.

According to website bible.org, this is what was written: “In time of trouble, say, 'First, He brought me here. It is by His will I am in this strait place; in that I will rest'. Next, 'He will keep me here in His love, and give me grace in this trial to behave as His child.' Then say, 'He will make the trial a blessing, teaching me lessons He intends me to learn, and working in me the grace He means to bestow.' And last, say, 'In His good time He can bring me out again. How and when, He knows.' Therefore, say 'I am here (1) by God's appointment, (2) in His keeping, (3) under His training, (4) for His time.”

Trusting God when you are suffering takes great faith to yield to His timing. Human instinct desires a fast resolution to the current challenge whether it be illness or financial disaster. Today's society expects a quick fix for all problems. Somewhere there should be the solution if a person just looks hard enough, or seeks enough opinions from others.

When there seems to be no quick fix, how does one stay close to God during those times of suffering? One way is to develop your mind to stay centered upon Scripture. An example that may provide encouragement is in Psalm 22:24. It states: “He has not turned and walked away” from you, and He listens to your cry for help. He has not ignored you during those times of suffering. Know that your loving God does not want to see you in misery. The Book of Lamentations states: “The unfailing love of the LORD never ends”.

Pastor Andrew Murray wrote a framework to think upon, not only for the lady downstairs, but for everyone when suffering knocks at the door. Through His Word you can be assured that He will also provide His love and comfort to you. Therefore, lift up your heart and hands to the LORD in heaven in praise that His eyes are upon you.

Lord God, suffering is difficult to understand, and only through You are we able to press on. Thank You for being by our side. Amen.

~ Ann Brock Ludington

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