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April 28, 2016

Defining Moments

“Now go, for I am sending you...”

~Exodus 3:10a

Millie Stamm wrote about a wealthy linen merchant in Ireland. The story went like this: “Years ago, in a family of wealthy linen merchants in Ireland, one of the sons, Walter, was being trained to manage the business. One Sunday evening, as Walter was reading a sermon, he realized that although he went to church regularly, he was not a Christian. He invited Christ into his life and soon knew that God wanted him in full-time Christian service. Upset at the news, his father offered to support two missionaries in his place. (Walter replied)...It is not your money God wants..., but my life. Disinherited by his family, Walter later came to America and became a pastor...”

Everyone in their life has defining moments. The above gentleman (Walter), had three defining moments stemming from his first decision. This was when “He invited Christ into his life”, and his life changed direction. Do you think that possibly he asked: who am I that God would chose me to go into “full-time Christian service” to become a pastor? Or perhaps he asked: who am I that I should lead people to Christ?

In the Old Testament, Moses had a defining moment. Moses had an awareness of the Israelites being persecuted, and God had placed a burning desire in his heart to help them. Through a chain of events, Moses killed an Egyptian, and the Pharaoh threatened to kill Moses. Because of fearing for his life, Moses fled to the desert in Midian. He became a stranger in a foreign land.

Moses was reduced to becoming a Midianite shepherd. One day as he “was tending the flock of his father-in-law, Jethro”, near Sinai, which was the “mountain of God”, an “angel of the LORD appeared to him as a blazing fire in a bush.”. The bush was not being consumed, and because of Moses' curiosity, the decision to investigate the burning bush became a defining moment in his life. God spoke to Moses and said that He would send him to the Pharaoh, plus he would bring His people out of Egypt. Moses was hesitant. He said to God: “Who am I to appear before Pharaoh?” Moses had no way of knowing that God had been preparing him to lead the two million Israelites out of Egypt.

Many people have asked the question, “who am I” that God would chose me? God prepares His people for their task. He prepared Walter to become a Pastor, and He prepared Moses to help the long-time persecuted Israelites, and then He used both of them, at His appointed time.

Is God calling you? Is it your defining moment? Try not to ask the question, “who am I” that I should be the one? Go with the assurance that He has been preparing you for the undertaking.

Lord God, thank You for preparing us to serve You. Help us not to question You, but be willing to accept Your assignment. Amen.

~ Ann Brock Ludington

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