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May 26, 2016
Word of God

There It Stands

“The grass withers, and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.”

~Isaiah 40:8

An unknown author stated: “Century follows century - there it stands...Dynasty succeeds dynasty - there it stands...Empires rise and fall and are forgotten - there it stands...Kings are crowned and uncrowned - there it stands...”

One thing that does not stand forever is my faithful computer, especially as it gets older. It begins to slow down and makes funny noises by whirling and groaning. The programs become outdated; they will not load quickly, and that does not make me a “happy camper”.

When I turn on my computer I want the programs to load rapidly and pop into action. It has traveled along with me “over hill and dale” so it is like giving up an old friend. Begrudgingly, I must begin the process of seeking where to purchase a new one.

However, there is something special about old things that continues to keep standing century after century. Especially certain objects that in spite of everything continue to be in good condition, such as antique furniture that has been preserved and/or refinished.

My husband and I have several pieces of very old furniture that for many years stood in the farmhouse of my grandparents. In Psalm 77, Asaph stated: “I think of the good old days...”, and as we notice each scratch and dent that were placed there we also “think of the good old days”. We are constantly reminded that they represent timeless stories of long ago of my family and their history.

Books of ancient periods are also very marvelous. The covers of the books are often faded, maybe torn a little, and the pages are yellowed. But for the most part, they remain standing and are far more extraordinary than the glossy paperbacks that currently line the bookracks in the airports and stores.

The ancient book titled: The Holy Bible although it is old, continues to stand. Many times, like our family furniture, the cover and pages may be scratched and dented. Nevertheless, the power of the words that are written upon each page remain intact century after century; dynasty after dynasty; when empires have fallen and are forgotten; the grass has withered; and the flowers have faded, - “there it stands”. In the old book, The Holy Bible, there has not been a chapter, a line, a word, added to it since it was written. The truths in it have endured in spite of all of its faultfinders trying to destroy its message.

The Holy Bible is unlike my computer, it does not ever necessitate replacement. However, it is like our antique furniture, it has not been lost or forgotten, and it has never lost its significance. It is an ancient treasure filled with God's promises and blessings. “The word of our God” continues to communicate precious verses that state: “be not afraid”; “do not worry”; and “do not be discouraged”.

And, there It stands forever!

Lord God, thank You for speaking to us through Your Word from century to century. Amen.

~ Ann Brock Ludington

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