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January 15, 2017

God's Miracles Performed Through Prayer

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.”

~Proverbs 3:5

In a previous Daily Inspiration I wrote about Ann Preston who became known as “Holy Ann”. She was a/k/a Saint Ann, and according to the book “The Life Story of Ann Preston Known also as Holy Ann” by Helen E. Bingham, “her sainthood did not come by natural generation”.

Ann “Holy Ann” Preston spent time living in the Bingham household in Canada, and “the greater portion of the story was taken down directly from (Ann's) lips”.

At the time of Preston's death she had become known to thousands of people for her remarkable demonstration of her prayerful life, and through her godly faith, His miracles were performed. She had an amazing memory of Scriptures and they were intertwined into her “everyday phraseology”.

Ann's formal education “began and ended in little more than a week”. During that time, the schoolteacher attempted to teach her the alphabet, but because she was unable to learn it, she was dismissed, and sent home.

Sometime later in her life, Ann was taught to read in a “very strange and supernatural way”. When she converted to Christianity she was “enabled to read one verse from the Word of God” and this brought “comfort and strength” to her. Still later, Ann was “enabled to make out a special verse that had brought light and help to her soul. Without any human intervention this process of instruction continued until Ann could read her Bible anywhere and everywhere”. When she died, the Bible was all she could read.

According to Bingham, Ann moved from a life of “struggling, marked too often by defeat, into a life of power and blessing - power not only man ward, but into a life of wonderful intimacy with God and prevailing prayer.”.

When Ann prayed God's Word, His power often became manifested. An example: she had “twisted her foot and injured the ankle”, and it kept getting worse until she was unable to “keep around any longer”. During this period of time, the way to solve this problem was to submit to a painful operation. She agreed to undergo the painful surgery “without any anesthetic”. Later, she said: “the Lord sustained her”.

Children would often come to Ann for help when they had lost something that was important to them. For example: a distressed child had lost the spade for the garden and was fearing his father. In her simple way she closed her eyes and said: “Father, where is it?”. Bingham stated: “We cannot explain how she understood, or in what form these answers made themselves known to her consciousness, but she immediately made a beeline for the back of the garden, where the spade was lying hidden in the grass”.

God's people ought to crave the same simple type of spiritual faith and prayerful life as “Holy Ann”. Like her, pray God's Word with expectation. There is God's power waiting, and His power surmounts man's impossibilities.

Lord God, help us to pray with expectation for Your power. Thank You Lord. Amen.

~ Ann Brock Ludington

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