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March 3, 2017

Remember the Bible Series, #27

Treasure Box

I want their hearts to be encouraged and united in love, so that they may have all the riches of assured understanding and have the knowledge of God’s mystery, that is, Christ himself, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

~ Colossians 2: 2-3

My brother-in-law Bill, makes special boxes. He gives them as gifts to his grandchildren for Christmas. Bill takes many hours designing, cutting, gluing, sanding and finishing these boxes. What is so unique about these boxes, is the way in which they are opened. It is not a simple lid, but compartments, keys and drawers that have to be opened in a specific order to get to the heart of the box that holds a treasure. It takes many efforts to get to the heart, and sometimes seems impossible. So, Bill includes an instruction paper for those who cannot get the box opened.

The Bible is not a trick box, but it is a treasure book of great worth. As we take the key, we can unlock its many compartments. When we are reading the word, some things may not be revealed at first glance. It may take time to come to an understanding.

I have found, through my many years of Bible lessons, I discover new things each day. I almost squeal with delight as I unravel a new found lesson. To me, it’s like unlocking a new treasure. In my heart I say, “I never saw that before now. I have read that passage many, many times yet I have never looked at it that way.”

There are several compartments, doors, levers and slides as we uncover something new. Just as an archaeologist digs in the ground and becomes jubilant as he uncovers a discovery of ancient artifacts or bones, we too can dig each day in the word and be jubilant at our new discoveries of old lessons, prophecies and stories that are applicable to us today.

Sometimes it helps to have an instruction paper, just like Bill provides to his grandchildren. Our instruction paper may come in the form of teachers, leaders of the church, older mature Christians, Bible classes or devotionals. But the most important thing, is to be in the word each day; reading, praying, allowing the Lord to reveal new things to us each and every day.

We are so blessed to have the Bible. It is an exciting, true, and wonderful treasure box revealing God’s mystery. We should read it each day to gain wisdom and knowledge, and to receive the true treasure which is in Jesus Christ the Lord.

Dear Father, Thank you for the written word; the Bible. Help us to dig and make new discoveries each day. In Your Name, Amen

~ Jenny Calvert

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