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March 28, 2017

A Strong Tower

The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous runs into it and are safe.

~ Proverbs 18:10

Outside our subdivision are eight very tall towers. They are used for telecommunication. They are like tall beacons in the night, with continual blinking lights, soaring around 2000 feet high. I told my four year old granddaughter once, when she and her family were going to live with us for a while, “You can always tell where home is, by looking for those towers.”

I am constantly drawn to tall things, mountains, high rise buildings, and tall people. I think the reason why, is because I am short. When I am in a big crowd, I feel claustrophobic. The air down low is stifling, the view is terrible, and there is a feeling of being pressed in and trampled upon. I often think, if I could just get a little higher, I would feel much better.

The Lord is a strong tower. He represents a place that is high, where we can see the future. We know what the Lord plans for us: to help us. We also know His plans to come again, and set up His kingdom here on a new earth; a time that Christians looks forward to with great expectation.

The Lord is strong tower. We feel drawn to the safety we find in Him. We want to run to Him. We know in Him lies a safe haven of rest and security; a home of love with our Heavenly Father. We will be gathered together, brothers and sisters in Christ, under His wing.

The Lord is a strong tower. He is the highest of all highs. On God’s shoulders we feel on top of the world. The air moves and the view is wonderful. When we travel on His shoulders, we don’t have to worry about the path ahead of us, because His path is the way of righteousness.

The Lord is a strong tower. Just like the wind blowing through the towers near my home, producing a musical tone, God’s Holy Spirit whispers His sweet tones of love in our ears. He guides, guards and directs us with His voice.

It is nice to be up high where you can see ahead, feel the fresh breath of the Holy Spirit, be on the right path, and feel safe and secure. Like I told my granddaughter, “You can always know where home is, when you look for those towers.”

The Lord is a strong tower. When we keep our focus on Him, we will always be home.

Dearest Lord, Thank you for being our strong tower. We run to you! Amen

~ Jenny Calvert

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