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June 16, 2017


Then you may be the sons of your Father who is in heaven. His sun shines on bad people and on good people. He sends rain on those who are right with God and on those who are not right with God.

~ Matthew 5:45

No one on this planet is safe from calamity. Laws of nature were put into place when God created the universe. When the climate is just right, we get rain or snow. If there is an abundance of rain, there may be flooding or mud slides. If it is a season of drought the plants will die. If the barometric pressure is a certain way, we may get a gentle breeze, a strong wind or maybe even a tornado. We have gravity that holds us to the ground. So, if we jump off a cliff, we will fall.

Some of life is beautiful but some things are very ugly. The world and people were created perfect but the evil one tempted, and man did not resist. God gave us freedom to choose. Therefore, we live in a world with sin, suffering, pain and death. When we become a Christian, we are not immune to these things. We are also not immune to natural disasters. The rain falls on good people as well as evil.

We pray for things, thinking that it is obvious to us, what God should do. Forces of nature that were put into place have their way. Sin is splattered even on the innocent children. God loves us and He wants what is best, but even His own Son bled when He was beaten. When nails were put in His hands and feet He moaned in pain. When His strength was gone and He could no longer fill His lungs with air, He died a physical death, just like us.

Now we know that because He was God, He could have gotten off that cross. He had already shown His power over the weather when He calmed the storm, and gravity when He walked on water, yet out of His love for us, He subjected Himself to the very nature He put into place. Think on that for a moment.

So why do we blame God when things go wrong? Do we think we deserved better than God Himself? When we feel like we have been dealt a bad hand, we complain and grumble. Do we realize that the drunk driver that killed our loved one was a result of sin? Do we realize that the drunk driver is a victim of the sin nature? Do we understand that the hurricane wiped out the homes of those whom we judge as good and evil people? Do we know that a virus can even effect the helpless baby?

Instead of blaming God for the bad things that happen, we need to give the broken pieces to Him. He can pick up the pieces and give us strength to endure to the end. This is way better than nothing at all, and also, through these experiences, God helps us to gain things that we didn’t even realize that we lacked. On the other end of our trials, we are better equipped than we were before the trials.

Man had two choices in the beginning. He was enticed and chose wrong. We have two choices. The first choice is, we can carry all our pain and suffering, strutting and fretting our time on the stage of life, and go to the grave miserable. The second choice is, we can load up all that pain and give it to God. We can live a life that still is mingled with pain, suffering and death, but we also have the Holy Spirit who carries our heavy load. He will comfort, guide and heal our emotional wounds. We can go to the grave with peace that even in death He will never leave us.

We are all subjected to calamity, but what we do with the result of calamity is a choice.

Dear Loving Father, I choose you! Amen

~ Jenny Calvert

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