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October 4, 2017

Plugging Into The Power Source

“The Lord my God will enlighten my darkness.”

~Psalm 18:28

Recently one night the power in our neighborhood suddenly went off, and stayed off for seven and half hours. It was so dark inside and outside of our home that we were unable to see any glimmer of light. There was no moonlight, and the sky was filled with darkness. The ceiling fans, the air-conditioning, the refrigerator, the night lights, etc., were all off. It was very quiet and still. With eyes wide open, but not being able to see anything but darkness, you reach out to try to touch a familiar object. You become disoriented, and suddenly the room you know so well becomes unfamiliar. Quickly you become unsure of your steps as you slowly walk to locate a flashlight. Our home was completely disconnected from the power source.

King Solomon is a biblical example of a person becoming disconnected from the power source. Solomon was the tenth son of King David and the second by Bathsheba. He had many advantages such as: wealth passed down from King David's throne, divinely given mental abilities (wisdom), and the high hopes of the people of Israel.

King Solomon asked God for wisdom, and He granted it to him. Because of his wisdom, it brought exceptional peace and success to Israel. God used him to write Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, and most of the Book of Proverbs.

However, a good beginning does not always guarantee a great ending. King Solomon did not apply the same wisdom into his personal life. It was in this area that he disconnected from the power source. Because of that, it brought darkness into his life. Alexander Whyte stated: “The shipwreck of Solomon is surely the most terrible tragedy in all the world. For if ever there was a shining type of Christ in the Old Testament church, it was Solomon...but everyday sensuality made him in the end a castaway.”

Herbert Lockyer stated: “Of Solomon's actual end little is known. Whether Solomon repented and returned to God was a question warmly debated by the Early Fathers. There is no record of his repentance.” Simply saying, he had left God out of his personal life.

Even God's strongest people can get tired at times and disconnect from the power source and darkness begins to set in, and they become disoriented. Remain plugged into the power source, which is God's power, because He will bring light into the darkness in your life.

Lord, thank You for allowing us to connect into Your power to bring light into our darkness. Amen.

~ Ann Brock

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