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October 10, 2017

Not Blinded

Jesus said, “I came into this world so that the world could be judged. I came so that people who are blind could see. And I came so that people who think they see would become blind.”

~ John 9:39

As I was doing my usual morning walk, I began to give thanks to the Lord for all His many blessings. It’s a great way to spend time with the Lord, get a little exercise, makes the time go faster, and keep your mind off your pain.

This particular time, I started thanking God for our bodies, starting with the toes and feet. I then prayed for those who do not have feet. I continued with this prayer including all the parts of the body, all the way to the head, remembering to pray for those without arms, fingers, etc. I did pause at the eyes. When I prayed for those who cannot see, I was reminded of my friend Junior.

Junior has been blind for many years. He was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease when he was just a teenager. By the time he was a young man, with a wife and children, his eyesight was nearly almost gone. Junior could no longer provide for his family, drive a car, or even walk alone in an unknown space. Junior spiraled down into a depression.

But this story is not about how he rebounded, or accepted his disability, instead, this is a story of a man who may actually be more whole, without his eyesight than many people who have eyes to see.

Junior listens well. When you pour out your heart to him, he gives full attention, and always gives Godly advice. This is why he has many friends, who specifically go to him with their troubles, hopes, dreams, and desires. He will not judge, but leads them to the Lord in a careful way. He is a man of God, keenly aware of others, and their needs.

Junior loves well. He has a deep grounded relationship with his Heavenly Father, because of his faith in Jesus Christ. He would be the first to tell you that he was more blinded before he knew Christ, than after. He is in tuned to the voice of the Holy Spirit, and shows the love of God to others because he knows the love of God.

Junior rejoices well. He is clothed in the spirit of praise, and is a man of love and laughter. He is a man who lives in the joy of the Lord. To be in his company is a pleasure.

You see, Junior is a man who does not have the disability at all. He may not be able to see worldly things, but is a man not blinded in the least to spiritual things. He sees with his spiritual eyes, exceedingly better than most people with perfect vision.

I know that Junior looks forward to the day when he will regain his eyesight, and he will lovingly gaze on the sweet face of Jesus, but until then, God is using Junior in a much more effective way, right now in his present condition. That is why Junior is content.

So on my walk, I was praying for Junior, a man who does not have vision like mine, and I realized that he was not blinded. He is a man that is well, whole, and usable for God’s kingdom. And so for that, I praised God, and gave Him thanks!

Father God, I thank you for people who have learned to use their disabilities to your advantage. Thank you for their inspiration. Amen

~ Jenny Calvert

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