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November 21, 2017


Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father

~ Colossians 3:17

This morning when I rose from my sleep I said, “This is the day the Lord hath made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.” I went for my walk, and continued in prayer.

Dear Lord, Thank you for the soft pillow that cradled my neck while I slept, but also thank you for this sudden crick in my neck giving pain. It reminds me that you did not even have a pillow for your head when you came to this world as an infant. I am also reminded of the pain you chose to suffer, on the cross.

Thank you for my legs that are able to walk, but thank you also for the discomfort in my knees, which remind me that all the weight of my sin, was carried by the weight of the cross on your shoulders. I am eternally grateful.

Thank you for the sun that sends its beams of heat, but also thank you for the shady spots that give way to a cool breeze. I am reminded that in your light, my sin is exposed, and in the shadow of your wing, I find refuge.

Thank you for the dragonfly, which whizzes past me, and pauses in midair, reminding me to dance, and sing, and have fun, but also to stop, and meditate, and listen to you.

Thank you for giving me sight to see this path, but thank you for blinding me to some things. I understand that only a Father of great love, wants to protect His children.

Thank you for the hunger I feel in my soul, to know you better each day, but thank you also for the times I feel so full of your Holy Spirit that I am in awe.

Thank you for the times of plenty, and thank you for the times of want. It’s during the times of need, you draw me closer to your side.

Thank you for comfort, but thank you for sorrow. In my sorrow, I am moldable, and have a heightened sense of compassion, and empathy to the condition of others. I am also reminded that you were a man of many sorrows, and acquainted with grief.

Thank you for the scent of a flower, but thank you for the stench. I am reminded that in my cesspool of sin, you plucked me out, and made me clean with your living water of life.

Thank you for each breath, and each step I take on this path. I am aware that these are your gifts, and each one brings me one step closer to you.

Thank you for the good things, and the bad. Thank you for the beautiful things, and the ugly things. Thank you for the ups and thank you for the downs. Thank you for each season of life. In all things, and all circumstances, I give you my praise.

Thank you for being my Savior, my Lord, my King, and my Father. I humbly lift up my words of thanksgiving. My heart belongs to you, for only you are worthy to be praised.

Please accept this prayer, as my offering of gratitude. In The Name of Jesus, Amen

~ Jenny Calvert

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