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November 26, 2017
anointing oil

Friction Smoothed With Oil

“You welcome me as a guest, anointing my head with oil. My cup overflows with blessings.”

~Psalm 23:5

“Isn't it interesting how similar the words 'fret' and 'friction' are? Friction caused by fretting is an indication of the absence of the anointing oil of the grace of God...(from The Silver Lining).”.

According to the website, biblestudytools.com, the most common word for oil in the Old Testament is the Hebrew word shemen, which occurred 192 times. In a large majority of those cases it refers to olive oil which came from olive trees. Olive oil was plentiful in Israel, and it was often used in the households as it was mixed with flour for baking.

Olive oil was mentioned in the Book of Genesis when Jacob was traveling to Beersheba. He stopped for the night. He found a stone for a pillow and went to sleep. When he woke up he had experienced a dream, and because of the events in the dream, he knew the LORD was there in that place. He sat the stone upright as a memorial pillar, and then he poured olive oil over it to anoint it, and he named the place Bethel (house of God).

In the Book of Exodus, the Lord gave Moses specific instructions on how to mix a special “holy anointing oil” to be used for the anointing of priests. It was only to be used for that purpose, and that particular oil must always be treated as holy.

Throughout the Scriptures, oil is often used as a symbol of the Holy Spirit. For example: Samuel poured olive oil on David's head, and the “Spirit of the LORD came mightily upon him from that day on.”

It was quite common for people to anoint the heads of their guests with oil to welcome them with honor and love.

Oil was often used as an ointment. At certain times of the year flies were a nuisance to the sheep as they flew around their noses. The sheep would become fretful because the flies often would sting or bite them. The shepherd would apply an ointment that contained an oil, and he would rub it on their noses and heads to protect them from the flies.

God's people often allow fretting to cause friction in their lives when things do not run smoothly. Do not become annoyed by the friction in your life. To bring relief, “Let the (anointing) oil of the Lord keep you cool...(from The Silver Lining).”. Prayerfully ask the Lord to anoint your head with oil (the Holy Spirit). Be like David and think upon the blessings that you have received from Him. Then you will be overflowing with faith, and you will be able to stand firm for Jesus Christ.

Lord God, thank You for anointing Your people with oil, the Holy Spirit. Help us to stand firm for You even while experiencing friction in our life. Amen.

~ Ann Brock

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