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February 9, 2018

A Hairbreadth Experience

“The LORD is our shield”

~Psalm 28:7

Have you ever had a hairbreadth experience? Have you ever been in a narrow place with no escape route? I believe that at least one time or another, we have all been there.

My husband and I recently attended an evening meeting that was being held about three hours away from our home. After the meeting was over we had one of those bright starry, clear nights to drive home. So, with a couple of cups of hot coffee, we were off.

With light traffic on the roads we arrived back in our home town. Then came our hairbreadth experience. Just as we were beginning to slow down to exit the Interstate, a car that was exceeding the speed limit came out of nowhere. It cut in very close to the front of our SUV, and I mean very close, to where we were in great danger of colliding, and there was no escape route. The speeding car then sped down the exit ramp, ran two red lights, and was gone. It was definitely a hairbreadth experience for us. However, “The Lord was our shield”, and we arrived home safely, which we are truly grateful to Him for His shield of protection.

In the Old Testament there is an example of two Israelite men who had a hairbreadth experience as they were sent out to spy on the land of Jericho. They were in a dangerous situation with no way to escape the Amorite pursuers who were hot on their trail. But, God had a plan to shield them from the pursuers, and that plan was to be implemented out by a woman named Rahab.

Rahab lived in a house that was built either against, or into the town wall with the roof almost level with the embankment, and with a stairway leading up to a flat roof. She is referred to as “the harlot” because she entertained men. However, the two Israelite men appeared different from the other men who came to her seeking favors. These men were men of God who were bent on one mission, and that was to overthrow the enemies of God's people.

Rahab, under the possibility of being charged with treason, made the decision to hide them, and to aid their escape from Jericho. After assuring them that she would not betray them, she took them up to the flat roof and hid them under a pile of flax until the way was clear from the pursuers. In the darkness of night she let the spies down from the window in the wall, and knowing the country, she guided the spies to the best way to escape the capture of their pursuers. The Lord provided a shield of protection for the two Israelite men while they were on their spying mission.

My husband and I were protected from a hairbreadth experience by the Lord's shield, the two Israelite men were, and so are you!

Almighty God, thank You for Your protection in a hairbreadth experience. Amen.

~ Ann Brock

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