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April 3, 2018

Lying At His Feet

She said, “I am Ruth, your servant girl. Spread your cover over me. You are my protector.”

~ Ruth 3:9

The Bible tells a story of a young woman named Ruth who was a widow. Her mother-in-law, Naomi, was also a widow. Ruth loved and trusted Naomi, and followed her back to a land that was foreign, yet home to Naomi’s relatives. A widowed woman back in those days, had no status, no ownership, and no worth. All of those things would be found only in a husband. So, Naomi suggests to Ruth a relative named Boaz, who could redeem her from this situation.

Ruth went to the fields of Boaz to collect the left-over grain. This was a common thing for those who were destitute. Boaz took notice of her, and maybe even had pity. He instructed his workers to leave extra grain for her. He also had her join them for lunch. Eventually, she was given instruction by her mother-in-law, which may seem odd to us today.

As customary Israelite law, a servant could lie at the feet of their master, and share their covering. It was to show their submission, and accept their protection. So Ruth not only listened, but obeyed Naomi. She crept quietly into the room of Boaz, at night while he was asleep, and laid at his feet. This was not a sexual act, but one of pure obedience to God.

At times, we find ourselves in a foreign, desolate, and destitute place. Our problems are so overwhelming, that we see no way out. We feel as if we are drowning in the deep waters of ruination. We feel alone and maybe even angry. We have tried every solution possible, and we are tired of treading water. We come to the place of wanting to give up, and we are contemplating submitting to the waves of utter defeat.

We could learn a lesson from Ruth. We need to lie at the feet of Jesus. When Boaz woke during the night he asked, “Who are you?” Ruth’s answer was simple, “I am your servant, Ruth. Spread the corner of your covering over me, for you are my family redeemer.” Boaz was overwhelmed with the joy of this. He did indeed cover her, and eventually married her, redeeming her to himself.

When we come to the feet of Jesus, we do not need to go into all the detail, and suggest solutions to the Almighty. We just need to say, “I am your servant, (your name). Here are my problems. Would you be my Redeemer?”

We are actually giving up, when we do this. We are giving all our mess to the Great Problem Solver, Jesus Christ. We will find sweet release from the painful burden, and just like Boaz, Jesus is so happy we finally came. He had been patiently waiting. He will redeem us. He will share His covering of protection. He will claim us as His own.

Dear Father, I come to you today, giving you the mess that I have created. Be my Redeemer, and cover me with your protection. In Christ’s Name I pray, Amen.

~ Jenny Calvert

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