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October 4, 2022

New Sneakers

Now I am going back to the one who sent me. And none of you asks me, “Where are you going?” But you are filled with sadness because I have told you all this. Let me assure you, it is better for you that I go away. I say this because when I go away I will send the Helper to you. But if I did not go, the Helper would not come.

~ John 16:5-7

When I was a child, I loved getting a new pair of sneakers. I would put them on with glee, and dance, and run to show my mother what bounce I had in my feet with these new shoes. I was young. Life was full of adventure and excitement. Now that I am older, I really do not like buying new sneakers. My old ones are comfortable. They are familiar to my feet, and have formed a shape of coziness.

Life is like that. We do not particularly care for change. We get comfortable with our problems, and have learned ways to cope. When a change, or a new challenge comes along, it’s a whole new adjustment, like breaking in new sneakers.

In the scripture above, the disciples did not quite understand the gravity of what was about to happen. Their beloved Rabbi was telling them that He was going away. They would soon enough, see His horrible gruesome death. They would no longer have Him at their side, or so they thought, to teach, guide and instruct. It was with fear, grief, and great trepidation that they would enter this new phase of life.

Before them was a painful adjustment (their new shoes), but Jesus was victorious over death and the grave. It was important for Him to leave, so that He could send His helper, the Holy Spirit. It was by the indwelling of His Spirit, which gave the disciples the comfort, courage, direction, and boldness to go out into the world, and spread the message of redemption through Jesus Christ. Their new mission, was not an easy one, but they embraced it with their whole lives.

We all experience new phases of our lives. Maybe we are going through a divorce, or we are in the process of relocating. Maybe we just got fired from a job, and are having to think of a new career change. We stomp our feet and fold our arms in defiance at the new shoes before us. God will help us if we sit still, and let Him gently place them on our feet. He will lovingly guide us each step of the way, on this new path, and soon our new sneakers will become comfortable again.

Dear Lord, Thank you for being there for us, during all of life changes. Amen

~ Jenny Calvert

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