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February 26, 2024

Remember the Bible Series, #27

God is Great

Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; And His greatness is unsearchable.

~ Psalm 145:3

I don’t usually write in the first person, but a point I want to make about God’s greatness — and more specifically, why I think we need a Memory Verse to commemorate His greatness — was actually brought vividly home to me when writing this Daily Inspiration.

I keep a large library of graphics illustrating Bible verses. I browse through them and use them for a number of purposes. I publish one each day on our Facebook page. But more to the point, I search through them for an illustration when I write a Daily Inspiration. Usually I can find the specific Bible verse that inspired the article, and if not, I can find something closely tied to it.

But when I looked through many hundreds of graphics from various sources (including myself) to find one on the Greatness of God — I came up empty. About half of them related to how God will help us. The rest covered a variety of topics — anger, unselfishness, faithfulness, etc. All of them were, in some way, about us. For whatever reason, people who create Christian graphics simply do not find God’s greatness sufficiently interesting, or sufficiently interesting to others, or perhaps sufficiently controversial, to take the time to create a graphic illustration.

Yet, this is a subject that is important, and we need to take a concentrated minute or two on a regular basis to contemplate it. For we know how the human mind works: Any idea that is not reinforced on a regular basis falls into the back of our minds. If we ignore the subject long enough, pretty soon we end up talking about “The Big Man” or “The Guy Upstairs.”

The focus of religion for a long time has been on man. If we try to answer the question “What is important to us?” from weighing the amount of words written on a specific subject, we will see that our actual emphasis is not on God, but on ourselves. Who are we? How shall we act? How shall we prosper? There are seminars and books on it everywhere. Not just a few hundred, but thousands upon tens of thousands of titles in our bookstores are dedicated to one thing—helping man find out who he is.

Alexander Pope wrote, “The proper study of mankind is man.” Or even earlier, the same thought was implicit in Socrates famous quote, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” But this is not what the Bible tells us. The Bible leads us to conclude that we will never find out, not in this lifetime. The more we search into the depths of who we are, the more confused and messed up we become.

With apologies to Mr. Pope and myriad others, I will say: The proper study of mankind is not man, but God. We must begin at the point, God is more important than we are. We subordinate ourselves to Him. We submit, we obey. Where we have a thought that does not accord with God’s Word, we must undergo the agony of setting aside our own mind. Where our natural instincts tell us something is good, but it conflicts with what God tells us is good, we must undergo the agony of selflessness.

Because we have so much more control over ourselves than anything else in creation, inevitably we must consider ourselves, and greatly. But let us always do so remembering the first principle: God is greater than we are in every way, including importance and focus. Let us look to Him first.

Lord, I pray that I may always place you first in my mind and life. Amen.

~ Mason Barge
Editor, Daily Prayer

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