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December 19, 2011

Fruit Salad

Yes, my enemies have been talking about me; those who stalk me plot together.

~ Psalms 71:10

I walked down the hallway after church service and stopped for a moment to greet two ladies. They were in a conversation, so I waited patiently. Then I realized that it was a hateful conversation about another church member. Hoping that the recipient of the conversation was not in earshot, I turned around and walked away.

We have all been victims of mean words at one time or another. We, ourselves, may have been the one speaking these words. David had enemies talk behind his back. Joseph’s own brothers spoke behind his back. Jesus had many speak behind his back. And many times it’s not behind our backs but right there for us to hear. One time in my home, I overheard a family member speak hateful words about me, and even though it was done in hushed tones, I heard it.

Do we harbor things against our brother or sister in Christ and feel the need to vocalize it? We constantly need to be aware that God put the Church together with many different people. We are like the fruit salad. Just because bananas are not your favorite, this does not mean you need to be the sour grapes spreading hurtful words about the bananas.

I may be using a play on words as a silly example, but the seriousness of this is anything but silly. If God had made us all arms, we would have no eyes. If God had made us all mouths, we would have no ears. If God made us all grapes, we would not be a fruit salad. He implores us to muzzle our mouths and speak words that are edifying.

Psalms 71:13 goes on to say, “Let those who seek my downfall be dressed in insults and disgrace!” Guard your tongue. Hold in your sour grapes of wrath towards a sibling in Christ. If it’s not words of grace (love), you may find yourself dressed in the ugly grape leaves of disgrace. Remember, it takes all kinds of fruit to make a delicious fruit salad.

Dear Lord, Muzzle my mouth so that I will not utter insults concerning my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. Amen

~ Jenny Calvert

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