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Friday, May 14, 2021
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Community News for May 14, 2021

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This Week's Memory Verse

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Explication of the Memory Verse

Daily Quiz

Top score(s) on the Daily Quiz for Dec 31, 1969 were:
Sylvia Banda (12)
Norman Daniels (12)
Linda Surber (12)
Kuulei Metta (11)
randall martin (11)
Keith Langley (11)

Top score(s) on Match-a-Verse:
Pam Carpenter (9 out of 9)
Sylvia Banda (9 out of 9)
Gary Swart (9 out of 9)
Kathryn Halfman (9 out of 9)
Elaine Gibson (9 out of 9)
Greg Flippin (9 out of 9)
randall martin (9 out of 9)
Keith Langley (9 out of 9)

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Phillips New Testament

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Lords Prayer

Personal Note to Readers

If you are new to Daily Prayer, welcome to our community. We are people of all different denominations, from many countries and different walks of life, united by our love of Christ and confession of faith in Him.

In addition to the Daily Devotion, we have recently added a short Daily Inspiration, which I hope you will enjoy. There are many other features on the site designed to assist people in learning about Christ and deepening their faith; we hope you will take time to explore them.

By all means take a minute to leave a short comment about today's Daily Devotion or anything else you might have on your mind. Don't worry if you sound critical -- it's very helpful to get criticism, even from people who don't like something. So feel free to post whatever you might want, within the guidelines that it be Christian in nature and tone.

If you would like to become a contributor to any part of Daily Prayer, please contact us.

Daily Inspiration

“Babbling Like Gentiles”

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