Fri, December 02, 2022
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Prayers for Other People

For all Poor, Homeless, and Neglected People

O  GOD, Almighty and merciful, who heals those that are broken in heart, and turns the sadness of the sorrowful to joy; Let your fatherly goodness be upon all that you have made. Remember in pity those who are this day destitute, homeless, or forgotten by their fellow men. Bless the congregation of your poor. Uplift those who are cast down. For those who suffer innocently, I pray that you will sanctify their endurance of the wrongs worked on them, keeping their hearts free of bitterness. Cheer with hope all discouraged and unhappy people, and help those who are tempted into sin by their poverty; though they be troubled on every side, suffer them not to be distressed; though they be perplexed, save them from despair. Grant this, O Lord, for the love of him, who for our sakes endured poverty and blameless suffering, your Son, our Jesus Christ.

People praying

A General Intercession

O  God, at whose word we go forth to our work and labor until the evening; Be merciful to all whose duties are difficult or burdensome, and comfort them in their toil. Shield from bodily accident and harm the workmen at their work. Protect the efforts of sober and honest industry, and do not let employers withhold the honest wages of those who labor. Incline the heart of employers and of those whom they employ to mutual forbearance, fairness, and good will.

Give the spirit of governance and of a sound mind to all in positions of authority. Bless all those who labor in works of mercy or in schools. Care for all aged persons, and all little children, the sick and the afflicted, and those who travel by land, sea, or air. Remember all who by reason of weakness are overtasked, or because of poverty are forgotten. Let the sorrows and regrets of prisoners come before you; and according to the greatness of your power, preserve those who are appointed to die. Give ear unto my prayer, O merciful and gracious Father, for the love of your dear Son, our Savior Jesus Christ.


For Children, Family and Friends

O  God, our heavenly Father, who loves mankind and is infinitely merciful and compassionate, have mercy upon your servants (Name those whom you wish to remember) for whom I humbly pray to you, and commend to your gracious care and protection. Be their guide and guardian in all their endeavors, lead them in the path of your truth, and draw them nearer to you, that they may lead a godly and righteous life in your love and fear; doing your will in all things. Give them grace that they may be temperate, industrious, dilligent, devout and charitable. Defend them against the assaults of the enemy, and grant them wisdom and strength to resist all temptation and corruption of this life; and direct them in the way of salvation, through the merits of your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, I pray,